Being able to control the temperature of your home is important to keeping you comfortable while indoors. In Texas, most people think it is always hot, but that isn't true. We know that it can get quite cold in Texas too. In College Station, temperatures can reach the low 40 degrees during the winter months. That is why you should always repair and maintain your heating system so that it is ready when you need it. If your heating system needs repairs, you should call your local licensed heating contractor to perform the repairs. Improperly repairing your heating system can be deadly, so you should always hire an HVAC company to ensure that the repairs are done properly.


Common heating systems include heat pumps, furnaces, and boilers. They all heat your home in different ways. So, the signs that indicate they need repair differ slightly among each of them. Here are some signs that indicate your system needs repair:

  • Strange Noises: All heating systems make some noise while they are heating your home. However, if you start hearing noises that you didn't hear before, there is an issue. Sounds to listen for include banging, clanking, and screeching. These are never good signs and usually mean there is an issue.
  • Cold Spots in Your Home: Your heating system should heat your whole home. If there are areas of your home that are not properly heated, there is a problem. A common issue is that your vents need to be cleaned. Other potential culprits include leaks in the ventilation, air ducts, doors, and windows, your thermostat is faulty, or you have improperly sized ductwork.
  • Abnormal Pilot Light Color: Your pilot light should be blue. If you notice that it is yellow, orange, purple, or red, you have a problem. There may be rust or other harmful contaminants in your furnace affecting the pilot light. If these issues are not addressed, it will affect the efficiency of your furnace.
  • Unusual Odors: Trust your nose. If you smell something strange, you probably have a problem. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is present in furnaces. Your furnace should be safely releasing the deadly gas from your home, but sometimes leaks occur. Gas companies have added a rotten egg smell to carbon monoxide to alert people when there is a leak. Stale, musty odors can be indicative of bacterial growth in your furnace.
  • High Heating Bills: When components wear out, the energy efficiency of your heating system will decrease. You will notice that your heating bills have increased because of this. You will likely need to have some parts repaired or replaced to restore the energy efficiency of your heating system.


JG Innovative Services Inc is a heating contractor serving the College Station, TX area. It can get quite cold throughout the area during the winter months with temperatures sometimes dipping into the low 40 degrees. You should always properly maintain and repair your heating system so that it is ready when you need it. Our licensed heating contractors can perform any repairs that your system may need. If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, give our heating pros a call!

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